Embroidered Baby Blocks

I recently made some baby blocks. I started with embroidering one side with cute animals. Penguin & Fish has adorable A to Z embroidery animal patterns. I used these to trace and transfer the pattern onto linen squares.


Then I soaked the squares in water to dissolve the transfer stabilizer.


I cut out matching size squares of cute scrap fabrics for the other five sides of the blocks and sewed them together, leaving one side open to stuff. My blocks were 4 inch x 4 inch. So I cut 4.5 inch squares.


I used foam for stuffing the blocks. I added fiberfill to stuff them completely.


I hope everyone enjoys!!




More patterns coming soon!!

My most recent project has been two crochet patterns inspired by one of my favorite book series and shows: Game of Thrones. So far I have worked on a girl inspired by Daenerys and a dragon.  


They are not completely finished yet, but I hope to finish the patterns in the next few days 🙂

I’m thinking about modifying the dress and braiding the hair to make another one based on Elsa from Frozen!!